Wednesday, April 3, 2019

March, 2019 Circulation Data

Here are our circulation stats for March.

Fiction novels are the most popular! Graphic novels are the next most commonly chosen books, followed by Non-Fiction.

The most popular fiction genre is Fantasy, followed by Realistic Fiction.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Library 2.0

We are very excited about all the changes we have been making in the library this year!

Chapter book series are arranged in bins with front-facing covers. Library club students created
labels for every bin.

These grey bins house non-fiction that can be easily read and accessed by anyone.

These white bins house paperback picture books, by title. Younger children can be independent looking for the titles they want.

The Makerspace has lots of building materials for every grade level to explore.

Our fiction section has been completely genrefied. The students are independently selecting books
in genre sections. They have been discovering all kinds of books and authors! Some authors write books in several genres which is also exciting to discover.

For example, Mary Pope Osborne writes the familiar Magic Treehouse series and books based on ancient myths.

If you can't decide...roll the dice!

Lots of books lead to fun activities! We love Henry Finch!

Scan a QR code with an iPad and see a book trailer, listen to an excerpt or an author interview.

Keep track of how many YRCA books you have read this year. Voting at school opens soon!

Read it before you see it! So many books have been made into movies. We are ALL
excited for A Wrinkle in Time this spring!!!

We have a special selection of books purchased by Parent Council in honor of Salli Brown's time at our school. She chose her favorite Australian authors: Nick Bland & Mem Fox, and a few others.